Colt Cobra (Pre 2017) Speedloaders

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 Have you ever woke up during the night and thought ‘man, I need more ammo for my Colt {GUMODEL}, then went to buy some nice rounds for it, came hope happy and realised that you’ve only got one speedloader to feed the ammo in? That sounds like a straight up nightmare.

Speedloader Pouches For Colt Cobra (Pre 2017)

 The old shaolin saying is ‘more ammo is always a good choice’ and we’re here to guide you through all the things about Colt Cobra (Pre 2017) magazines plus some extra tips at the end. So let’s start at the beginning, If you ever find yourself in a self-defense situation, you’ll quickly realize that you can never have too much spare ammunition. That spare ammunition can be a life saver and having an extra speed loader at the ready is always a good idea. So before you check on all the things about speedloaders and all the possible upgrades to your Colt Cobra (Pre 2017) carry capacity, be sure to check custom made speedloaders pouches below.


Sometimes the aftermarket or any type of market is generous and you can find some upgrades to your speedloaders or some spare ones. Be sure to check the link and if you’re lucky you can find what you need.

We are no longer on the wild west and you can use handy tools to load your cylinder. The market with them offers variety and you’ll find yourself overwhelmed with the feeling how fast one can reload a revolver. Just as the good cops when the first speedloaders were introduced.

Speed Loaders
For Your Colt Cobra (Pre 2017) (From $32.50)

The legendary and universal fit-allmost-all calibers speedloaders are aplenty on the internet and you can find many options on how to increase you ammo efficiency and ammo count. Be sure to check the link and fetch yourself one speed loader.

  • Handy and holds your rounds in place
  • Easy to insert into the cylinder
  • Makes reloading a revolver as easy as flipping a switch
  • Compatible with your Colt Cobra (Pre 2017)

Moon Clips For Your Colt Cobra (Pre 2017)

A moon clip is a ring-shaped or star-shaped piece of metal designed to hold multiple cartridges together as a unit, for simultaneous insertion and extraction from a revolver cylinder. They will help you speed up your reloading. Be sure to check them out

  • Hold more rounds together
  • Increased reload speed
  • Increased speed of extraction
  • Cheap


Range Loading Block For Your Colt Cobra (Pre 2017)

Colt Cobra (Pre 2017) speedloader blocks are are tuned for perfect compatibility with your favorite revolver speedloader, resulting in unparallelled ease of use. This listing is for the metal speedloader block only, and does not include speedloaders, ammunition, or firearms. Be sure to check compatibilities while selecting yours.

  • Easy operation
  • Stores more ammo
  • Only need one speedloader
  • Useful and cheap


Speed Strips For Your Colt Cobra (Pre 2017)

Speed Strips are a compact loading device for revolvers. Made from a flexible urethane material, these strips securely hold 6 rounds of revolver ammunition and conveniently load two rounds at a time. Speed Strips fit in most single mag/knife pouches and in a trouser or shirt pocket.

  • Holds 6 rounds
  • Loads two at a time
  • Compact and convenient
  • Two pack

Tips For Speed Reloading Your Colt Cobra (Pre 2017)

Speed reloading is a practice method that improves your speed of reloading, this is crucial in self-defense situations or in life-threatening situations. The proper way of drawing your speedloader from the pouch and simultaneously reloading it in the revolver is not a hard thing, but requires a lot of practice.

1. Bring the gun back

When you empty the cylinder of your Colt Cobra (Pre 2017) bring the gun back to you, this enables easier reach for you to reload. Keep it on the eye level.

2. Use your non-dominant hand

Now just press the cylinder release and use your non-dominant hand to open the cylinder all the way, then just use the same hand to dump out the empty rounds.

3. Bring the gun down

Gravity helps, bring your revolver down and reach for your speedloader. Insert the speedloader and release the cartridges. Close the cylinder by pressing the crane, not the cylinder itself.


With training, a revolver shooter can learn to smoothly reload their revolver. Obviously, only Jerry Miculek, the world record holder for revolver shooting, will be able to keep up with Jerry Miculek, but the average shooter will be able to hold their own, too.

Step 1: Unlatch the cylinder with the right hand

After firing all of the rounds in a cylinder, unlatch the cylinder with the right thumb. On most models, this is done by releasing the cylinder latch. This action is done without shifting the grip. During this step, the gun is still in both hands, although the shooter begins to shift it toward the left hand. Cylinder latches differ, depending on the make of the revolver. Any user can train to use any brand of revolver. What should the officer be doing simultaneously? He should be pulling his profile further in behind cover.

Step 2: The two fingers of the left hand push the cylinder open while the shooter shifts the gun to the left hand

Using the middle and ring finger, the shooter pushes the cylinder open. The gun is shifted into the left hand. At the same time, the shooter points the muzzle straight up and reaches for the speedloader.

Step 3: Using the left thumb, the shooter thrusts the empty brass from the cylinder

By this time, the muzzle should be completely vertical. The shooter forces out the empty brass by pressing the ejector, the nail-like Step 3: Using the left thumb, the shooter thrusts the empty brass from the cylinderUsing the left thumb, the shooter thrusts the empty brass from the cylinder protrusion from the center of the cylinder. The shooter should be holding the gun with the ring and index finger of the left hand through the frame and the left thumb. The brass should fall freely from the gun. If there is stubborn brass, thrust the flat of the right hand down on the ejector. Begin to point the muzzle downward.

Step 4: With the muzzle pointed downward, guide the speedloader to the cylinder with the right hand.

The cylinder is still pinched between the two fingers poking through the frame and the thumb. This stabilizes the cylinder so the right hand can guide the speedloader. Hold the speedloader so the cartridges are parallel to the fingers and the tips of the fingers are on the cartridges. Once the cartridges are nosed in, release them and let the speedloader fall. This set up is deliberate. It is hard to aim the speedloader into the rear of the gun, especially under stress in low light. It is much easier, however, to learn to guide the fingertips into a circle formed by the thumb and two fingers of the hands.

Step 5: Close the cylinder with the left thumb and assume a good shooting grip with both hands—engage.

Under ideal situations, a good shooter can get the reload down to around 5 to 6 seconds. Yes, slamming a new magazine is considerably faster, but practice will close the gap between the two.

THE Colt Cobra (Pre 2017) SHORT AMMO GUIDE

We are dealing with the issue of extra ammo, how to get it in the mag the best way and how to reload like a pro but unless you haven’t got the AMMO itself you may as well read about rocket science without sitting in your rocket. So not only is it important to know the size of ammunition you need, but it is also important to consider the use you have intended for the bullets that you are picking out. Consider the type of ammo that you prefer. The type of bullet varies and may be important if you are using the ammo for a specific activity such as either target shooting, hunting, or self-defense. Here are examples:

  • Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) have a brass or other metal casing surrounding the softer (usually lead) core. These are required by the Geneva Convention for military rounds, as they have very limited expansion, making combat wounds less devastating. They generally leave less fouling on the barrel's rifling, resulting in slightly better accuracy than some other rounds.
  • Soft point bullets have the front, or tip of the bullets soft metal core exposed, but the sides and tail of the bullet are jacketed so they foul the barrel less than bullets with no jacket at all, and engage the barrel's rifling more aggressively.
  • Hollow points have a hole in the center of the tip of the bullet, which causes more initial expansion on impact. There are arguments as to whether this feature affects accuracy, but the real results vary from gun to gun.
  • Semi Wadcutter bullets are flattened on the end to create a shockwave in living tissue on impact. These are often a preferred round for self defense, since the generally do more damage than other bullets. Wadcutters have a completely flattened tip, again designed for causing maximum damage on impact. Shot shell bullets are bullets load with small bird shot, sometimes referred to as rat shot, used for shooting small varmints (hence the name) at very close ranges.
  • Non Lethal rounds are special low velocity rounds used for riot control and other police/military purposes. Blanks, as the name implies, are blank cartridges, containing only a powder charge, used for theatrical purposes or in starter pistols.
  • Other bullets include frangible bullets, tracers, and armor piercing rounds with special purposes not really addressed in this content.

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Choose from various modifications for your Colt Cobra (Pre 2017), including holsters, parts, sights, magazines, grips, lasers, lights and cleaning utilities.

Colt Cobra (Pre 2017) speedloaders

Speedloaders for Colt Cobra (Pre 2017)

When you need to reload your Colt Cobra (Pre 2017) there are some options that ease the process of reloading by hand one cartridge a time. Speedloaders. They fasten the process of reloading and also serve as decent ammo carriers for your revolver.